What is BEAUTY is a Balancing Act?

BEAUTY is a Balancing Act is a research study being conducted by UNC-Chapel Hill that will bring information and resources to your salon to help improve the physical or financial health for customers who join!

You spend so much time taking care of others. When you come to the salon, it is time to take care of you. What if when you came to your salon, you could take care of your health AND get your hair done? Well now you can.  Your salon is participating in a health program called BEAUTY is a Balancing Act which will allow you to learn more about important health topics affecting you and your loved ones.

What can I expect if I take part?

Women who sign up will complete:

  •  a questionnaire about personal health behaviors
  •  health screenings to measure blood pressure, heart rate, height, and weight
  • as well as a few activities to measure physical balance and strength.

Salon owners and stylists will also complete in-person interviews with the research team.
At the end of the study, these all of these activities will be repeated to compare differences over time.

  • Health Assessment– The research team will be in your salon during the fall of 2015 to sign-up participants customers to take part in the program. As part of the sign-up process, you will take a health questionnaire. Our research team will also test your height, weight, blood pressure, and balance. You will also get personalized health information about your blood pressure, heart rate, height, weight, risk for falling, and other topics—right in your salon. No medicines or medical treatments are required.
    • After sign-up is complete, your salon will have a 50% chance of being in one of two programs for six months.
    • If your salon gets the Healthy Balance program, you will learn about ways to help prevent falls.
    • Some customers may be referred to local, community-based programs like A Matter of Balance and Tai Chi, which have been proven to be effective for reducing the risk of falling.
    • If your salon gets the Healthy Finances program, you will learn about ways to improve your personal or professional finances.
      Information shared may include tips on: budgeting, taxes and how to save for college and retirement.
  • Campaigns 1, 2, and 3
    • Every two months during the study period, there will be a different campaign or theme in your salon. When you visit the salon you will receive:
      • Materials with information and techniques to reduce chances risks of falling or manage your financial health
      • Information about local resources for managing your physical and financial health
    • Follow-up Health Assessment
      • Six months after the program starts, the research team will return to the salon to do a follow-up health assessment.
Why should I join the BEAUTY is a Balancing Act Study?

As a participant you will receive:

  • Information delivered to you in your beauty salon!
  • Practical skills for managing your physical and/or financial health.
  • A free health assessment and recommendations.
  • A small gift for taking your time in participating
  • Help your family, salon, community!
Who can take part?

Any woman who:

  • Is over the age of 18 years and
  • Is a regular customer of a participating salon.